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St Marche Supermercado Campo Belo


Campo Belo

Located in the Southern zone of São Paulo, this unit of St Marche Supermarket chain has Building and Interior projects developed by our team. The construction occupies a street corner site. As a premise, we preserved all existing trees on the surrounding sidewalks and on the lot. The stone wall of the former house that occupied the corner was also preserved and integrated into the project. The outdoor living area were strategically placed among the trees, in the most valued part of the property. Through large openings in the facades, we can see the interior of the store, where a colorful artistic panel, also designed by us, welcomes customers as they enter the store.

St Marche Supermercado, Tatuapé. Projetado executado pela espaçonovo arquitetura, empresa especializada em arquitetura de varejo, sediada em São Paulo e qual a arquiteta Jovita Torrano é diretora e fundadora. Projetamos a Edificação e todo o Interior desta unidade, numa esquina bastante valorizada, na Zona Leste da cidade de São Paulo. Através de grandes aberturas na fachada, podemos visualizar o interior da loja. Mesas externas instaladas num aconchegante deck voltado para a rua, permite degustar uma gostosa pizza de fermentação natural, enquanto integra a loja ao seu entorno.



We are an architectural firm specializing in retail projects, from concept creation to final implementation. The choice for this niche is due to the experience of architect Jovita Torrano, director and founder of espaçonovo.

“Being an extremely dynamic area, retail requires simple and agile solutions.”

For 15 years we have been designing, in addition to building architecture, the projects interior design, the furniture, and the visual communication, providing complete solutions for retail projects. We are a team that seeks to work with the most modern and innovative technologies, respecting the individuality and specificity of each client.

Learn more about our architecture on our projects page or on our instagram.

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