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SuperPrix Supermercado Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro

New concept for the chain expansion in the south region of Rio de Janeiro. Modernization of the language and valorization of the Bakery, Fresh Produce and Wine sectors, without changes to the façade, which is a historical landmark. Graphic elements created from the brand form surfaces of great interest and dynamism.




We are an architectural firm specializing in retail projects, from concept creation to final implementation. The choice for this niche is due to the experience of architect Jovita Torrano, director and founder of espaçonovo.

“Being an extremely dynamic area, retail requires simple and agile solutions.”

For 15 years we have been designing, in addition to building architecture, the projects interior design, the furniture, and the visual communication, providing complete solutions for retail projects. We are a team that seeks to work with the most modern and innovative technologies, respecting the individuality and specificity of each client.

Learn more about our architecture on our projects page or on our instagram.

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